Intelligent Vending Machines Market Size, Analysis, Growth Trends, and Segment Forecasts To 2020

Smart Vend Solutions, which is a major vending equipment supply firm has stated that intelligent vending machines which use telemetry technology could aid the all national operators and facilities managers by reducing the engineering costs by about 80 percent. This significant technology advancement will allow a massive reduction in average engineering call-outs per year to a third of its present state. This conclusion was reportedly a conclusion drawn from tests done on machines in Germany. While offering a significant advancement for vending machines across the globe, this technology when coupled with hardware and software changes can dramatically and positively change maintenance and operation procedures. By linking each machine to a centralised ‘always on’ IP communications system, the usage, maintenance, potential mechanical failures and reverse calculated stock levels of every unit is automatically fed back to the machine provider Smart Vend Solutions’ external operations management database. A software is now able to directly correlate the amount of a commodity ordered by the client with the precise amount dispensed before automatically scheduling a pre-emptive delivery while also instantly relaying any maintenance issues. Furthermore this step is also designed to ensure machines never run out of any commodities which significantly reduces lost revenue through machine down time. To ensure the uninterrupted functionality of the machines, Smart Vend Solutions has launched a box swap ‘pool’ maintenance system. Any machines reporting a serious pre-emptive maintenance issues are simply talked through solutions by the factory trained help desk or replaced by an identical machine before being refurbished and placed back in the field for regular operations. The launch of the new telemetry technology comes just a month after Smart Vend Solutions was launched to the UK market, heralding the arrival of the world’s first vending machine enabled for facial recognition. Short Description : As a fresh step towards further enhancing the already smart vending machines, technology firms have come up with new concepts which on implementation could see significant reduction in engineering expenses of operators. For More Information About Intelligent Vending Machines Market Research Report Visit –

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