Smartwatches Market Size To 2020: SamsungÂ’s new smartwatch gives Apple a run

Samsung has made more smartwatches than we can count, but it has yet to introduce a stylish round one like the Moto 360. Samsung has filed scores of patents for round-faced smartwatches, but we’ve not seen hide nor hair of these watches in real life. Recently, reports from dedicated fan blog SamMobile have begun to hint that Samsung may finally launch a round smartwatch this year at Mobile World Congress 2015. For Market Research Report on “Smartwatches Market” Visit – Samsung may have more smartwatches than anyone, but none of them are truly round. So far, the most celebrated smartwatches all have rounded faces such as the Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch etc. Several patents prove that Samsung is interested in round smartwatches, it just hasn’t made one yet. Now, Samsung says that it will introduce a round smartwatch, code named Orbis, at MWC 2015. The face will be reportedly be truly round and feature a rotating bezel that you can use to control the device. It’s not clear exactly what the rotating bezel will do, but it could be used to zoom, pan, and navigate through the watch’s interface. You might even be able to set an alarm with it. Theoretically, developers will create apps that use Samsung’s rotating bezel. In addition to the rotating bezel, Samsung’s round smartwatch will supposedly have a crown , just like the Apple Watch. Samsung’s crown won’t help you use the watch, though. All it does is turn the device on and off, launch S Voice controls, and emergency messages. The crown-shaped power button will presumably rest on one side of the watch and be used infrequently. It’s main purpose seems to be aesthetics, but the firm says it may have other functions in the future. Samsung is expected to most likely introduce its first round smartwatch at MWC 2015 later in June. Smartwatches Market Size Source: Grand View Research

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