Thermic Fluids Market - Growth, Study, Trends And Forecasts

Overview The worldwide thermic fluids market is undergoing huge development at present. It is estimated to display similar trends in the years to come. The growth is driven primarily by the region of Asia Pacific and strong inclination towards ind -

Bitumen Market - Growth, Analysis, Trends And Forecasts

Outlook Bitumen is a highly gelatinous, dark and clammy substance. It is obtained from crude oil via fractional refining. Bitumen is mainly utilized as a binder in road building. It is also referred to as asphalt in North America. Bitumen has char -

Clear Brine Fluids Market Size, Share, Analysis, Forecasts, 2014 - 2020

The clear brine fluids market volume stood at 1, 000 kilo tons in 2013. It will grow at around 10% CAGR from 2014 to 2020 (forecast period). Market revenues are likely to exceed USD 2 billion by 2020. Energy demand furthers drilling operations in Rus -

Middle East Drilling Fluid Market Size, Share, Analysis, Forecasts, 2015 - 2022

The Middle East drilling fluid market is projected to reach USD 2.3 billion by 2022. It was worth about USD 1.4 billion in 2014. Environmental concerns regarding solid waste disposal, spill containment, and borehole collapses will drive market demand -

Botulinum Toxin (BNT) Market Size Expected To Reach $7 Billion By 2025

The worldwide botulinum toxin (BNT) market is projected to attain USD 7.3 billion by 2025. It was previously estimated at USD 3.4 billion in 2015. It can grow significantly at a 7.9% CAGR from 2013 to 2025 (forecast period). Growing population belong -

Wax Melts Market To Be Worth $6.1 Billion By 2025

The global wax melts market is anticipated to reach around USD 6.1 billion by 2025.Popularity of air care &hygiene products is expected to boost demand for wax melts in commercial & residential applicationsduring the forecast period (from 201 -

Glycols Market To Grow AT 4.6% CAGR From 2014 To 2025

The worldwide glycols market size is projected to reach USD 47.2 billion by 2025. In terms of volume, the market stood at nearly 19,400 kilotons (KT) in 2015. It is anticipated to expand at a 4.6% CAGR from 2014 to 2025 (forecast period). Demand for -

Flow Chemistry Market To Be Worth $2.4 Billion By 2025

The worldwide flow chemistry market is anticipated to reach USD 2.4 billion by 2025. It stood at USD 937 million in 2015. The market is expected to grow remarkably over the forecast period (2014 to 2025). Utilization of flow chemistry with 3D printin -

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