Age of Empires Online Shuts Down After Running 2 Million Matches

The Age of Empires Online which has been Microsoft's one of the longest running historical strategy MMO game series has finally come to an end on Jul 1. The game was introduced in the market around three years ago. It has been a huge success for Microsoft with over 524 single player games played, over 13 million multiplayer games played and 2 million arena matches played. The update placed on its website reads that the Age of Empires Online shuts down as all good things must end. When the game was launched in August 2011, the game presented its player with only two civilization options namely Greek and Egyptians. However, as the popularity of the game increased, civilizations like Persians, Babylonians and others were soon added. The game was first built by Robot Entertainment which was later taken over by Gas Powered Games. On the blogsite of Age of Empires, developers had posted a thanking message. It gave much thanks to all the players of the game for spending their time to explore the miniature worlds. It was in August last year that the rumor of the closure of the game started appearing on the web. The development of the popular MMO game stopped at the beginning of this year. Kevin Perry who worked as the executive producer of the game revealed that it was not convenient for them to produce new content for the game. He also added that the game became too costly for them to maintain. Sources say that the game had always been an experimental for Microsoft. The game went offline at 7pm EDT. It was a free to play game. However, players had to perform transactions to access items and quest. A non-paying player could not access other civilizations and quests. It was also unclear as to how much money one had to spend on a game that was dubbed as free to play games. Since the game has finally gone off the air, all the money players spent on the game has completely gone waste. Even though gamers had to spend on money on the game, it received good reception from the players while it was running. The game has gone offline from its web-based interface but players can continue with Age of Empires: World Domination on their mobile devices. The game can be enjoyed on devices running on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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