Latin America Air Conditioning Systems Market Share To 2020: LG Australia conducts survey to educate on smart air conditioning units

In an attempt to woo its new line of smart sir conditioning systems, LG Australia has released a report on its survey in the country. The report points out that a vast majority of Australian citizens view their air conditioners a prime cause of hiked up electricity bills and try their best to use them smartly. This group of response comprises of about 77 percent of the people interviewed.

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Undoubtedly for a country like Australia where summer temperatures are bound to pop the mercury level, the research was directed at examining if owners of AC units view technology as a method of conserving energy. The report provides new tips on how smart air conditioning systems could automatically reduce a significant burden on their monthly bills. Where things can get complicated is in knowing how to manage an air conditioners’ energy usage.

The challenge for LG is in educating Australians to use available technologies to take control of their energy consumption. This whitepaper aims to help demystify that for consumers. The top three methods to save money on their air conditioner’s electricity usage used by Australian air conditioner owners are to use it sparingly (1-2 hours per day), use fans and keep it set at a relatively high temperature (between 25-28 degrees).

LG believes that newer air conditioning technologies can also cut down the size of the electricity bill. For example LG’s Active Energy Control feature offers three levels of reduced power consumption (80, 60 and 40 per cent capacity) for individual energy-saving needs. Depending on how many people are in the room and the level of activity, Active Energy Control allows the user to cap the energy consumption of their LG air conditioner. So if a there is less activity in a room the machine can be told not work as hard to cool it down.

Latin America Air Conditioning Systems Market Share

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