Apple iPhone 6 Rumor - Apple to Produce two variations of iPhones This Year

Since the time Apple launched iPhone 5S which was nothing but an upgraded version of iPhone 5, Apple fans are waiting for the arrival of the next edition iPhone. New reports indicate that the tech giant intends to start the production of the next iPhone by July. Rumors have it that Apple will be manufacturing a large-sized iPhone this year. This is the only way Apple can keep with the competition with rivals like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG. According to Bloomberg, two versions of iPhones will be released this year, one would feature a 4.7inch display and the other one would feature a 5.5inch display. Both the devices are expected to go into production by the coming month and are also expected come out in market around September. Large sized smartphones have proven to be very popular in Asian markets. Even though they come with expensive price tag, people are still buying them. This caused Apple to ponder on manufacturing an iPhone featuring a large display screen. Both the new iPhone are expected to flaunt slimmer chassis and they are also going to feature rounded edges. Rumors claim that Apple is going to introduce curved glass. The leaked images of the probable hardware of the smartphones that are soon going to enter production are already available indicate that one of the iPhone models is certainly a large device. It is also expected to feature improved sensors that will be able to detect and distinguish between different levels of sensors. Apple is yet to announce anything officially. Hence, all the information that is pouring out is nothing but speculations on the new iPhones. The news that Apple plans to begin production of new iPhones in the coming month was born after it was reported yesterday that iPhone's two of major manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron are hiring 100,000 employees. Analysts feel that new employees are being hired to produce the upcoming two iPhone models. Quite recently, Apple had unleashed the all new iOS 8 which comes with quite a few new features and tweaks. The iOS 8 is still in its testing phase but it is expected to come out with the new Apple devices that are going to release this year. Since the iPhone 6 is one of the much awaited smartphones of 2014, it is most likely that it will come out preloaded with the new iOS 8.

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