Apple iWatch Release Date Drawing Near, Expected to Arrive in October This Year

The Apple iWatch has been in the news since quite some time and finally it is expected to arrive as early as coming October according to the reports released by Reuters. The wearable gadget is expected to go into mass production by the popular Taiwanese manufacturer called Quanta. It is known that the company is responsible for 70% of the iWatch's construction. Tech enthusiasts are quite excited about the iWatch and its probable features. Apple was one of the first companies to announce the idea of manufacturing of smartwatch. However, Apple's competitors like Samsung and Sony have already rolled their editions of smartwatches. So, Apple fans have many expectations from iWatch. The Apple iWatch is expected to feature a 2.5inch rectangular display screen. The first batch of iWatch devices will feature displays from LG Display Co Ltd. It features a sensor that can examine the user's pulse. The name 'iWatch' has not been officially chosen by Apple and the company is still to finalize on official name for the product. The release date of iWatch is expected to happen on an unconfirmed date in October. Since iWatch is one of its grand projects, Apple is expected to unveil the product through a special event. And very shortly after the event, the iWatch is expected to go on sale. If the iWatch comes out in October, it will face competition from the second generation Gear smartwatches from Samsung. For Samsung, the flagship model of Gear smartwatch did not achieve much popularity. Hence, they are expected to come out with an enhanced product with new features this year. The screen of the iWatch is expected to protrude from its band. The device is expected to feature wireless charging. Even though smartwatches are not very popular in the market, Apple plans to ship 50 million iWatch devices within first year of its release. Apple plans to do it on the basis of sales report of other products like iPads in their very first year of release. Like the Gear smartwatch can be paired with enabled devices like Galaxy Note 3, in the same way the iWatch will have to be paired with an iPhone for voice chatting and sending text. The iWatch is also expected to feature a heartbeat sensor. If this feature comes to iWatch, it may also feature the HealthKit functionality from the new iOS 8. There are no speculations on the price of iWatch 8. However, like other Apple products, the iWatch may come out with an expensive price tag.

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