Automotive ECU Market - To Surpass USD 45.9 Billion by 2020

Rising expenditures on the research and development of ECU (electronics control unit) price reductions is likely to propel the automotive ECU market over the coming years. The worldwide market would exceed USD 45.9 billion by 2020. Modern developments in ECU technology are directed towards building more high-tech devices. For Market Research Report on “Automotive ECU Market” Visit - Complications from the integration of automotive domains would pose a challenge to the market. Change in consumer preferences towards sophisticated equipment in mid-sized vehicles will boost the prospects of the automotive electronics industry. Promotion of in-car infotainment systems across several verticals is likely to drive the automotive ECU market over the forecast period. The rising adoption of ECU in electric vehicles, resulting in growing awareness regarding energy effectivity would also steer the global market ahead. Increasing expenses on automotive ECU for the development of reasonably-priced and quality components taking care of electronic controls are also projected to boost the income of the market. Environmental trends have had a remarkable impact on powertrain domain with increased ECU adoption in electric vehicles. On the basis of applications, the automotive ECU market is divided into powertrain electronics, communication and navigation systems, chassis electronics, and safety and security systems. The communication and navigation systems segment is likely to observe significant growth in the coming days. The management of services like website access, HMI technologies and communication,   connected navigation systems, and telematics systems requires a lot of embedded software. The leading market technology is power steering. Other technologies include engine management, transmission control, ABS, body control, airbag restraint, and climate control. Huge growth in logistics along with increasing information on safe driving in Europe is likely to boost the European automotive ECU market. With growing telematics and navigation systems, the region would undergo considerable expansion. Low cost digital radio installations, proliferation of proximity sensors and gesture control units, and natural language voice (with relevance to connected services) are likely to drive this region. The major market participants are TR, Denso, TRW Automotive, Continental AG, Hitachi, Delphi, and Autoliv. The promotional strategies of these players have helped them remain at the forefront. The automotive ECU market is competitive and players are attempting to gain more shares than others. Automotive ECU Market Information Source: Radiants Insights    

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