Automotive Sensor Market Size, Share, Analysis, Forecasts, 2022

Sensors are primarily utilized for identifying, assessing, or recording physical phenomena. They consequently respond to the same by sending out data, or initiating alterations. Automotive sensors are inbuilt in vehicle systems. They are made in a manner to send out, recognize, show, and study data on vehicles’ performance within the exteriors and interiors of vehicles. Automotive sensors are utilized in all automobiles; heavy duty trucks, and two-wheelers.

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Many factors are responsible for furthering the automotive sensor market. These include governmental mandates, production of vehicles, changing customer tastes, and technological developments. With rising vehicles in the world, research and development (R&D) operations concerning the market have led wireless sensors, MEMSs (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors, and radar sensors to come up. These advanced technologies have augured well for the market and pushed its income. Few factors prevent the market from flowing smoothly. These are no availability of aftermarkets, high automotive OEM expectations, and pricing issues. The automotive sensor market notices upcoming opportunities in the demand for hybrid and electric vehicles, and advance driver assistance systems (ADASs). The market products are Nox (Nitrogen Oxide) sensors, temperature sensors, level/position sensors, speed sensors, inertial sensors, pressure sensors, magnetic sensors, oxygen sensors, and MEMS sensors.  

The various applications of the market include body electronics, power trains, alternative fuel, control and safety, vehicle safety systems, and telematics. In addition to the above, radios, immobilizers, tilt alarms, trailer management, rain sensors, sunroof, tail gate release, anti-theft alarms, and lighting and dashboards make use of sensors. Accelerating demand for sensors across these applications would also steer market demand. The automotive sensor market also faces requirement for battery control, occupant detection, and emission control. Geographically, the global market consists of four regions.

These are Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and RoW. It can also be fragmented on the basis of Canada, Germany, U.K., Japan, U.S., India, Australia, China, and others. The key players in the market include GE Measurement and Control Solutions (U.S.), Analog Devices (U.S.), and Texas Instruments (U.S.). ATI Industrial Automation (U.S.), Tekscan (U.S.), Freescale Semiconductor (U.S.), Denso Corporation (Japan), Robert Bosch Gmbh (Germany), and Denso Corporation (Japan) are the other automotive sensor market participants.

Automotive Sensor Market

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