Big Data Market Forecast To 2020- The need to outsource Big Data analytics

If you think you can undertake big data analytics in-house, you may have to reconsider. If the data you want to analyze is in the terabytes in size which usually come from multiple online sources, you are probably looking for a data scientist for that job which is an expensive in-house investment. One alternative is to look at some cloud-based solutions to fill your short term needs.

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Data scientist are hard to comeby these days as they are what many call ‘a rare breed’ in the data analytics industry. They are even more difficult to convince them for a job since good data scientist are instantly absorbed into the market and have a host of attractive offers the moment they decide to step out into the green. The financial and skills shortage realities around big data will also drive much of your desire for better customer insight and creation of predictive applications to leverage pre-built big data services that reside in the cloud. This growing reality is what prompted many small and medium businesses to takea look at the burgeoning market of cloud-based big data services and help you make smarter decisions about which are best for your business. Through customer inquiries, we find that conventional wisdom suggests there are two types of big data cloud services - high-level SaaS-based reporting tools and deeply technical do-it-yourself platforms. Well the market is far more nuanced than this. In fact, even in this early stage of market evolution there are ample solutions aimed at the wide range of data analytic skill sets. Want to set up the environment yourself, exactly to your specifications? Yes, those exist. Don't want the hassle of setting up and managing the cluster but want to choose and tune the algorithms? Another set of services do this. Therefore the best solution to these growing problems is a cot effective decision of hiring a data analytics solution provider till you can actually groom an employee for the job or hire one yourself. Big Data Market Forecast Source : Grand View Research  

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