Biopesticides Market Size, Analysis, Growth Trends, and Segment Forecasts To 2020

Biopesticides are substances that are used to manage pests. They are eco friendly and simple to use. They are vital elements of various programs in relation to the administration of pests. Nowadays, many people are being drawn towards biopesticides and look forward towards using them to control diseases of plants.

The worldwide biopesticides market, with regard to value, is estimated to reach more than USD 4, 300 million by 2019. It will grow from 2014 to 2019, at a CAGR of 16 percent. Biopesticides are used to prevent the spread of insects, pests and micro organisms. They are also used to check dangers to the environment from using chemical pesticides.

Useful Insights

Increasing worries regarding environment and strict guidelines of various governments are opening new prospects for less poisonous biopesticides. The biopesticides market across the globe is pushed ahead by the rising diseases of crops and increasing demand for food in both emergent and industrial nations.

Also, advantages provided by biopesticides against traditional chemical pesticides and bringing technologically advanced products to the fore are responsible for furthering the market. However, farmers who are not aware of biopesticides and are unwilling to try them out in their practices of crop defense slow down the biopesticides market.

Market Trends

Growth in health consciousness is leading to boost in the utilization of organic food items, thereby increasing the biopesticides demand. Furthermore, rising consciousness of people towards organic food and increased support of the government towards using organic products are adding to the development of the market.

New participants of the biopesticides market are rising as a result of the increasing demand for biopesticides. This is taking competition to the next level. Consequently, makers are busy in the advancement and enhancement of harmless, less poisonous and highly valuable biopesticides.

The worldwide biopesticides market is experiencing a boost in the demand for organic products which are free of residue and are eco friendly. However, development in some of the regions is hampered, owing to irregular efficacy of biopesticides, less or no awareness about their advantages and well recognized markets of chemical pesticides.

Oilseed crops and field crops, due to rising inhabitants and escalation in the costs of oil, are the rising crop sectors of this market. Many underdeveloped nations in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa are not well aware of the tremendous use of biopesticides. The biopesticides market is segmented further on the basis of kinds, applications and geography.


The market is divided into bio-fingicides, bio-insecticides, bio-inematicides and bio-herbicides.


The applications sector of the biopesticides market is segmented into on-farm, seed treatment and post harvest.


The market is segmented further into Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and the rest of the world.

North America dominated the entire biopesticides market and alone occupied in excess of one third of the worldwide market.

Europe is estimated to catch the attention of majority of the people of the world in the coming years. For More Information About Biopesticides Market Research Report Visit –

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