Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) Market Size To 2020 - Global Industry Growth, Analysis, Trends And Forecasts

Reimbursement support provided by authoritarian organizations and the increasing incidences of cancer in developed places, like Europe and the United States are responsible for driving the circulating tumor cells market ahead. Some of the ways in which circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are diagnosed today are deficient in specificity or sensitivity.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies still have healthy prospects in this field. Different sub-kinds of cancer may have their own classes and prospects of intensification in the coming years. Rise in the number of death cases due to cancer (in some of the previous years) provides pharmaceutical firms, enough prospects to come into this sector.

Market And Useful Insights

The worldwide circulating tumor cells market is estimated to achieve USD 2.3 billion by 2020. Increasing cases of cancer all across the world has grown the requirement for their untimely and successful detection. Most of the deaths due to cancer are because of circulating tumor cells. Premature detection of CTCs is projected to improve the rates of survival among people.

The biggest difficulty, technically, is the diagnosis of circulating tumor cells in spite of continual technological advancements. The vital demand of the hour is a technology that diagnoses the real metastasis-instigating CTC, which sequentially, will activate a outlying metastasis. As per research, one out of every eight people can suffer from cancer.

CancerÂ’s targeted therapy has gigantic prospects and thus, encompasses uncontrolled spendings in research and development. But, soaring costs of various medical practices and deficiency of commercialized commodities are projected to prevent the circulating tumor cells market from developing further.

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Causes of cancer include no exercise and bad habits like excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. These causes also drive the demand for the circulating tumor cells market. Also, extended contact with ultra violet rays and deprived nutritional habits are likely to drive the market ahead. However, the intricate separation of circulating tumor cells due to low concentration in blood is estimated to inhibit the market.

Leading Product Segment

Tumor cell detection was the biggest product segment in 2013, essentially due to the benefits linked to high costs of medical practices and remedial monitoring. The circulating tumor cells market is segmented on the basis of applications, technology and regions. These facets are explained below.


The applications sector of the circulating tumor cells market is fragmented into colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and others.


The marketÂ’s technology sector is segmented into tumor cell detection and tumor cell enrichment.

Tumor cell detection was the biggest circulating tumor cells technology market in 2013. Tumor cell enrichment is projected to expand profitably in the next six years.

In the predicted period, tumor cell enrichment is estimated to rise at a CAGR of about 26 percent.


The worldwide circulating tumor cells market is fragmented into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

North America experienced the highest infiltration rates in the market in 2013. Europe had the second highest income in the market in 2013. Circulating Tumor Cells Market Size Source: Grand View Research

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