Circulating Tumor Cells Market - Estimated To Grow In The Future

The worldwide circulating tumor cells market was predicted worth USD 3 billion in 2012. It is expected to rise through the forecast phase of 2013 to 2018. This rise is anticipated to happen at about 19 percent CAGR. The circulating tumor cells market is estimated to collect revenue of almost USD 9 billion by 2018. These cells break away from secondary or primary tumors. They then enter the circulatory system, move to other distant organs and result in the formation of new tumors.

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Circulating tumor cells that go away from the primary tumor are able to inhabit distant organs in the human body. They can then start the procedure of metastasis. These cells have massive use in research of cancer and help scientists crack the intricate biology of cancer metastasis. Apart from their use in cancer research, their study and identification contribute to huge prospects in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Regardless of their prospects, their examination remains quite demanding. Their importance in cancer hasn’t been comprehended as yet. The singularity of these cells hinders advancements in CTC (circulating tumor cells) - based cancer therapeutics and diagnostics. Also, the intricacy involved in separating these cells from the blood of patients hampers the same. Nevertheless, in the last ten years, multiple advancements in medical equipments have led to more curiosity in this field. The worldwide circulating tumor cells market is competitive and diverse. It is continuously driven by technological developments and the need for enhanced technologies. Also, improvements in familiarity with variedness in metastatic cancer tumors have been observed. These enhancements have made typical investigative procedures look more or less like dependable leads for suitable decision making. Thus, CTCs would not only alternate parts of the present oncology in-vitro diagnostics but also help further utilization of modern oncology testing. The worldwide circulating tumor cells market is fragmented further into technologies, applications and geographical regions. The highest infiltration rates in the market in 2013 were experienced by North America. Europe occupied the second biggest share in the circulating tumor cells market that year. Circulating Tumor Cells Market Infomation Source: Grand View Research

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