Coming September, Google Will Shut Down Orkut

Orkut which has now lost popularity was once a very famous social networking platform. Google Inc will be shutting down Orkut in September this year. The social networking site was started ten years ago. It was quite popular in the beginning but now there are hardly any active users on Orkut. Google announced the shutting down of Monday and the site will go on Sept 30. This yet again shows how Google has been struggling with social networking. Orkut was quite famous in Brazil and India. However, it soon lost out to other popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Orkut could never achieve popularity in US. According to stats, half the number of Orkut users is from Brazil and twenty percent of its users are from India. By closing Orkut, Google will focus on its other social sites like YouTube and Google+. Even though Google entered the world of social networking quite early, it has failed to do well in this field. Google+ is good but it is not very famous compared to Facebook and Twitter. When Orkut was launched, it became very famous in Brazil and in some Asian countries. However, the rising popularity of Facebook started killing the user base of Orkut. Even other Asian social sites have contributed to the demise of Orkut. As of now, how many users are active on Orkut is not known. Orkut was launched in the same year when Facebook was launched. The latter is now the world's number one social site while the former is heading to go offline forever. Social networking is one area where Google has failed to capitalize. In April this year, Vic Gundotra, who was leading the social networking services of the search giant exited from the company. Since the time Google+ has been launched, the company has tried its best to let the world know that it is less of social platform that rivals with Facebook but more of a integrated system to enhance Google's different web services. What about the performance of Google+, it is also struggling like any other social venture of Google. It has been cited that the reason behind Vic Gundotra's exit from the company is mainly because of its dwindling number of users as compared to the huge number of people using Facebook. Orkut had instantly become famous for 'scraps' (posts) that were exchanged between friends and 'communities' (groups). Orkut had an exciting feature that allowed users to know who visited their profile. However, nobody misses that feature on Facebook. Google employees know it pretty well that the company did not bother about upgrading the defunct social site of Orkut. With the launch of Google+ in 2011, Orkut's existence became doubtful. Although Orkut was quite popular in India, it was in the year 2010 that Facebook surpassed the popularity of Orkut. From July this year, no one create new profiles on Orkut. By using the Google Takeout service, users of Orkut can download their profile archive.

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