E Pharmacies Market Growth - Reported To Attain Revenue Of USD 52 Billion By 2018

The e pharmacies market is reported to attain increased revenue worth about USD 52 billion by 2018. This owes to rise in cost effectiveness, accessibility to drugs and tech-savvy consumers. Advancements in drugs and therapeutics are creating space amidst demand and supply. This space is projected to increase demand for the e pharmacies market. Augmented digital marketing and e-marketing is also predicted to drive the e pharmacies market over the coming years. However, unbranded or duplicate drugs and cyber crimes are likely to hinder the flow of this market. The e pharmacies market can be categorized into applications and geography. On the basis of applications, it can be divided into supply chain management (SCM) market and IT software market. The IT software market can be subdivided into readymade, customized and modified software markets. The readymade software market is highly convenient for clients. So, they make the most out of this market. The customized software market is the most expensive of the three. It is likely to gain repute in the years to come due to upward trends in the e pharmacies market. On the basis of geography, North America and Europe capture the largest shares in the worldwide e pharmacies market. This owes to the appealing presence of these two markets on the internet. Also, the increasing online presence and internet usage in these regions are predicted to create future growth opportunities for the e pharmacies market. Rising consumer industries in Asia Pacific and growing innovations in the world are projected to push the e pharmacies market in the future. The emerging economies of China and India are also likely to create more demand for the market. Information Source: Grand View Research

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