Emojli Will Be the First Ever Emoji-Only Social Network to Start Soon

A new social network is going to first arrive on iOS. British developers are calling it Emojli since it is based on the popular emotive characters that come in different colors. Since the time Apple has been supporting Emoji in 2011, it has become very famous. Matt Gray and Tim Scott who are the ones that are responsible for the birth of Emojli social network claim that instead of using words, people can communicate using the Emoji symbols. The creators of Emojli claim that the new social network will completely free from spam. There is emoticon for spam and the worst thing a user can send another is an image of a pile of poop. The new social network will first arrive for iOS users and then it will enter different platforms at the later stages of this year. Creators of Emojli are already prompting people to register their username. As you guessed it, the username that will use on this new social network will only be in emojli. Hence, in order to register your username, you will have to visit the launch page of Emojli – Emojli. According to Scott, since Emojli will be all about exchanging messages through the colorful cartoon-like emoticons, there would be no spamming and it would be free from bothersome hastags and memes. Early birds were able to quickly reserve their single username on Emojli. Emoji first started out in Japan and then its usage became very popular online. Hence many of the icons depict Japanese culture. You can find bowing businessman icon which symbolizes apologizing action, and there are many icons based on Japanese food items like ramen noodles, sushi and dango to name a few. Twitter started the usage of emoji icons in the previous month across its apps and web-based version. When the news about Emojli first came out in the public, many felt that it was a joke. However, the creators of Emojli seem to be quite serious about the project. According to Scott, Matt and he struck upon the idea of creating Emojli at the same time. When they felt that even the username should exist in the form of emoji, they thought about building it. Emojli is expected to arrive by July or August. Scott and Gray are not hiring new staff to handle the new social network. Since users of Emojli will be communicating through emoji icons, 250 new emoji symbols have been added and more will be added in the due course of time.

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