Filters Market - Global Market Analysis, Trends And Forecasts

The worldwide automotive air filters market is likely to attain a size of more than USD 6 billion by 2020. The increasing demand from the automotive industry, exclusively in the nations of BRIC, owing to industrial expansion and increase in the disposable income will remain a key factor, driving the market ahead.

Air filters are crucial ingredients of motor vehicles. Two kinds of air filters exist in the filters market. These are cabin air filters and intake air filters. Cabin filters limit dust-entry in the vehicle cabin via the HVAC escape system, while intake filters prevent unknown substances, like dust from straying into the combustion compartment of the engine.

Growing familiarity among clients about health disorders, due to polluted air in the cabin of cars will also have expand the filters market further. Environmental dangers with respect to combustion engine vehicles have increased the number of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles eject less smoke and do not need as much of engine maintenance.


Automotive air filters are store to both substitute markets and OEM, wherein cabin filters dominate the worldwide sales. When intake air filters donÂ’t function properly, the engine may become ineffective and release more smoke.

Hence, it is important for the user of the vehicle to maintain its hygiene on a standard basis and substitute it with a new one, once it is done with its lifetime. The automotive air filters market is pushed ahead by some requirements. These are for stern rules and regulations of ejection, automobiles and varying lifestyles.

Vehicles with air conditioned compartments are enhancing the market conditions of cabin air filters. Increased health awareness among people wherein they need to avoid dust, smoke and other poisonous substances whilst driving is pulling users of the car towards installing cabin air filters.

Filters Usage

Automotive air filters are used in light and massive business vehicles, passenger cars and two wheelers. Cabin and intake air filters are also used a lot. Passenger automobiles are the leading usage sector of the filters market. This is due to more ownership of passenger cars, particularly in the expanding markets of Latin American and Asia Pacific.

Growing disposable income in India, China and Brazil has boosted the ownership of cars and positively affected the worldwide automotive filters market. These days, cabin air filters are a significant part of all automobiles and are installed in them, regardless of whether they are air conditioned or not.

This switch is likely to push the demand for cabin air filters over the forecast period. Air filters used in two wheelers will enter the markets, mainly in Asia Pacific. This is due to the roads of rural areas which are uncomfortable to travel on. Intake air filters, in terms of volume, are used more than cabin air filters.

Product Summary

Cabin filters ruled the product sector of the worldwide automotive air filters. They made up for more than 51 percent of the total income of the market in 2013. Cabin filters are also the most rapidly developing product sector, at an expected CAGR of more than 8 percent from 2014 to 2020. Automotive filters in two wheelers will rise from 2014 to 2020, at a CAGR of more than 8 percent.

Regional Applications

Asia Pacific was the leading region of the worldwide filters market and made up for almost half of the global market. The development of the automotive industry in India and China will remain a significant aspect, driving the regional market.

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