Flooring Market - Analysis, Trends And Forecasts

The demand for flooring is estimated to rise noticeably in the future. This is owing to recovery in housing enhancements, residential attainments and renovation costs. The worldwide flooring market is profiting after revival, subsequent to the downturn in flooring developments and readjustments. This was with respect to the expenditure of edifical structures.

The housing market driven by the mayhem in the residential industry is one of the main reasons, pushing the flooring market ahead. The profits of the flooring market are backed by the demand for floorings in place of rugs and carpets. This kind of flooring is visually satisfying and long-lasting. Non housing market also backs the expansion of the market.

The flooring market is driven by a boost in the expenditure of business, office and societal structures. Floorings need less repairs and last for lengthier periods of time, which are few of the aspects, driving the demand for floorings in non housing markets.

Market Insights

The worldwide flooring market is anticipated to reach more than USD 325 billion by 2020. Increased utilization of new floorings that last long, is expected to push the market further in the forecast period. The growth in demand for insulation will drive the flooring market in the future. Advancements of issue-less set-up methods, together with the increasing requirement for ecologically sustainable products will also have a huge hand in the expansion of the industry.

Health and environmental concerns with respect to different flooring solutions may act as an obstacle to the participants of the industry. The demand of the worldwide flooring market was projected at more than 160 billion square feet in 2013. It will rise from 2014 to 2020, at a CAGR of almost 6 percent and will reach around 240 billion square feet by 2020. Flowing demand in the construction industry alongside the altering ways in which the clients live are also estimated to be vital aspects, driving the market ahead.

Product Overview

Soft coverings were most in demand from the flooring market in 2013. They made up for more than 50 percent of the entire size of the market in the same year.

Resilient flooring market will expand greatly in the future, owing to its advantages, like simple set-up, reasonable price and less maintenance. Growth in the demand for antibacterial and antimicrobial flooring will increase the demand for resilient flooring.

Application Overview

Housing was the biggest application sector of the flooring market in 2013 and made up for more than 50 percent of the market size. The flooring products market in the housing sector will expand during the forecast period.

Regional Overview

Asia Pacific was the biggest regional flooring market and made up for more than 45 percent of the demand across the globe in 2013. It will expand further and dominate the regional flooring market in the coming six years. This is owing to rapid modernization and increasing population.

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