Geotextiles Market Growth - Estimated To Expand Further During The Forecast Phase

Geotextiles are porous fabrics which, when used with soil, have the capacity to sieve, split, guard, strengthen, or drain. Usually made from polyester, geotextile fabrics are found in three fundamental forms. They are getting more recognition with time. This owes to innovations in infrastructure on a large scale at a worldwide level.

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The major areas across which geotextiles are used are erosion control, road industry, pavement repair, waste administration, etc. The geotextiles market is a primary category within the worldwide geosynthetics industry. It is the leading market within geosynthetics and shows decent development. Geotextiles have been used significantly in civil manufacturing applications across the globe. The worldwide geotextiles market is estimated to achieve around USD 8 billion by 2018. It was projected at about USD 4 billion in 2013. The market is predicted to record about 10 percent CAGR during the forecast period.

Growing inclination towards geotextiles and its applications in erosion prevention and road industry is predicted to be a key factor, driving the geotextiles market forward. Moreover, increased regulatory support in developing markets is also estimated to boost the demand for geotextiles during the said phase. Erosion control and road industry together were the biggest applications of the geotextiles market in 2013. They made up for more than 60 percent of the worldwide demand that year. Growing infrastructural investments in Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America are projected to act as vital components, driving the demand for geotextiles in road industry and erosion control. The geotextiles market is fragmented further on the basis of applications, product kinds and geography. Road construction was the biggest application sector of the geotextiles market in 2013. It made up for around 43 percent of the worldwide market that year. Non woven geotextiles were the biggest product sector of the market. They occupied more than 60 percent of the market. Asia Pacific was predicted to be the biggest geotextiles market in 2013. It occupied more than 43 percent of the overall demand in the same year.

Geotextiles Market

Information Source: QY Research Reports

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