Glass Fiber Market Size, Analysis, Growth Trends, and Segment Forecasts To 2020

Glass fiber is a substance that contains many fine filaments of glass. In the past, manufacturers of glass have conducted various tests with glass fibers. Glass fibers were widely produced with the introduction of finer machine tooling. They have nearly similar mechanical features with other fibers, like carbon fibers and polymers.

Even though not as stiff or tough as carbon fibers, glass fibers are considerably less delicate and low-priced when used in compounds. They are one of the reinforcing components used in manufacturing and industrial compounds. They are also useful in battling rust and heat, giving insulation and reinforcing different substances.

Useful Insights

When glass fibres are used in reinforcing composites that have recurring small molecules, a new material called glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) is formed. Various characteristic features of glass fibers, like suppleness, strength, firmness, resilience and resistance to temperature and humidity turn them into a vital unprocessed material for GFRP compounds that are used across a wide range of applications.

Glass fibers occupy nearly 90 percent of the reinforcements used in compounds across the world. Majority of the GFRP compounds are used in the sectors of communications, conveyance and construction. The typical features of glass fiber propel its expansion in various sectors of applications.

Market Insights

The massive potential of Asian nations, like India and China is estimated to further the development of the glass fiber market. Owing to growing demand for securer, lighter and stronger substances and the rising applications of glass fiber, the glass fiber market is all set to expand in the future.

Certain components are accountable for the increasing demand of the glass fiber market. These include developing opportunities in different markets of end-use and recovery in the economy of the world. As compounds of glass fiber are flexible, consistent, lucrative and light weight, the demand for the compounds of GFRP is high.

Growth of the glass fiber market in the last few years has led to a gap between supply and demand. This gap requires to be filled by substitutes. Apart from communications, the requirement for developing economies offers new prospects to the market. Pioneering procedures of production and development of new products are chosen to infiltrate the markets and develop into new ones.

The worldwide glass fiber market is segmented further on the basis of applications, manufacturing procedures, raw materials and geography.


The application sector of the glass fiber market is segmented further into electrical and electronics; construction, transportation and infrastructure; consumer goods; wind energy; aerospace and defense; marine and others.

Manufacturing Procedures

The manufacturing procedures sector of the market is divided into compression, manual, injection and continuous procedures.

Raw Materials

The worldwide glass fiber market is segmented further on the basis of raw materials into resins, glass fibers and fillers.


On a regional basis, the market is divided into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

Asia Pacific, along with North America leads the worldwide glass fiber market.

Developing nations, India and Brazil have displayed prospects of further development. For More Information About Glass Fiber Market Research Report Visit –

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