Glucosamine Market - Analysis, Forecasts and Trends

The worldwide glucosamine market is estimated to reach more than USD 1, 200 million by 2020. It will expand considerably in the coming six years. Glucosamine is a substance that is found naturally in the body joints. The human body makes glucosamine from glutamine and glucose. Glucosamine assists in mending and building the cartilage of the body. With age, the body’s capability to make glucosamine decreases. This is owing to the reduction in the enzyme that facilitates the manufacture of glucosamine. Deterioration of the cartilage results from inadequate quantities of glucosamine sulphate.

The levels of glucosamine in the body can be maintained with the help of glucosamine complements. The worldwide demand for glucosamine was more than 25, 000 tons in 2013 and is estimated to reach more than 63, 000 tons by 2020. The demand for glucosamine (all over the world) will grow from 2014 to 2020, at an estimated CAGR of around 14 percent.

Market Insights

Products based on glucosamine were categorized as nutraceuticals in majority of the nations across the world. The glucosamine market is being driven ahead by a boost in the number of nations that allow these products to be listed as pharmaceuticals. The increasing population of old people and growing incidences of osteoarthritis and other geriatric problems are responsible for pushing the demand for glucosamine. Even this factor drives the glucosamine market forward. The market will also expand due to glucosamine’s increased usage in food items and beverages. Glucosamine complements have been sold in large quantities across the globe However, with an incessant range of new products penetrating the markets, producers are beginning to reckon new uses of glucosamine.

Application Overview

The application of the glucosamine market that was most dominant in 2013 was nutritional add-ons. These complements had a demand of more than 20, 000 tons all over the globe, due to growing awareness (amidst the working population) with regard to health. Milk products were one of the vital application areas in 2013 and will offer great prospects to the makers of glucosamine in the coming six years. The use of glucosamine in milk products was worth more than USD 24 million in 2013. It will grow from 2014 to 2020, at a CAGR of around 13 percent and will reach more than USD 57 million by 2020. Food and beverages are estimated to be the most rapidly expanding application sector of glucosamine. The worldwide demand for glucosamine in food and beverages is estimated to rise from 2014 to 2020, at a CAGR of around 15 percent.

Regional Overview

United States was the biggest regional glucosamine market in 2013 and made up for more than 30 percent of the worldwide requirement. Japan is estimated to be the most rapidly developing regional market, growing from 2014 to 2020, at a CAGR of around 16 percent. So, this nation is a major contributor towards the growth of the glucosamine market. More insights on the glucosamine market can be found by referring to the link, This link should be used for reference purposes.

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