Glyphosate Market - Market Size, Analysis And Forecasts

The demand for glyphosate is on a rise in the last twenty years. The glyphosate market across the world is estimated to surpass USD 8.5 billion by 2020. Glyphosate crops have occupied the market due to their disease resisting and high production abilities. The increasing requirement from vital end use applications in glyphosate tolerant genetically modified crops and conventional crops will increase the worldwide requirement for glyphosate.

Agricultural development is evident in various parts of the world and is also responsible for the increased requirement of glyphosate. But adverse aspects, like weeds that are immune to glyphosate and stern environmental policies over agrochemical applications, particularly in Europe, are estimated to come in the way of the glyphosate market.

Increased revolutionary weed administration schemes will come up in the future due to environmental features. Major genetically modified crops have been given more glyphosate in the last few years and will push the global glyphosate market over the forecast period.

The worldwide demand for glyphosate will surpass 1, 000 kilo tons by 2020 and was more than 700 kilo tons in 2013. The worldwide requirement for glyphosate will be two fold in the future, as farmers change to less labor techniques of agriculture. More modernization across the globe has lessened the size of the rural labor force, leading to more demand for glyphosates. Increased income and high profit margins have brought many new players to the glyphosate market.

Application Overview

The worldwide glyphosate market was anticipated to have a size of more than USD 5 billion in 2012. Conventional crops made up for most of the volume of the market in 2013. This is due to the need for controlling the growth of weeds and for dodging tillage. Genetically modified crops will be glyphosate market’s high growth section.

As these crops can be integrated with enhanced output and disease resistance, they facilitate farmers to create high return margins and decrease the general costs of input. More requirement for least tillage and no-tillage systems will improve the glyphosate market conditions in the coming six years.

Significant concerns with regard to health and ecology have led to adherence of strict rules on the utilization of glyphosate. This can restrict the glyphosate market from expanding further. Internationally, glyphosate is one of the most broadly applied herbicides in terms of volume. It is also used in agriculture, silviculture, horticulture, garden maintenance and viticulture.

Regional Insights

Asia Pacific was the biggest market of the region in 2013 and will continue to remain so over the forecast period. North America made up for more than 25 percent of the volume of the market across the globe. The adoption of genetically modified crops, together with the availability of arable land in India and China will push forward the glyphosate market of Asia Pacific in the next 6 years.

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