Google and LG Working Together on 3D Tablet

In the coming year, Google Inc will surprise the world with a cutting-edge mobile technology for consumer market. Google has been researching with various universities, labs, developers, tech firms to build a portable device like a tablet or smartphone that will be able to sense as well as map the world in 3D. The project on which Google is working is called Project Tango. Google's wing called Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) is working with LG Electronics on this project to build a tablet that will able to snap 3D images. The teams are working on it diligently to roll it for public use in 2015. Project Tango was officially announced in February this year. The device will be able to sense its location on its own and this will open the door to wide range of features. Now, Google Maps can guide you to a building at a certain location. However, through Project Tango, you will able to move one step ahead as it will be able to guide you to the particular room on a specific floor in that building. Project Tango will present you with 3D environment and it will be able to guide you to the correct door by showing you 3D images. Google also wants to involve Unity in this device, a platform that allows developers to develop new video games. The research center with Google has already been developed thousands of this 3D tablet for testing purpose. This will allow developers to test their programs and games. As of now, Google has not revealed any more detail on the product like the expected price and specifications. However, Google is also said to be working with the famous CPU manufacturer, Qualcomm. According to the rumors, the testing prototype is a 7inch tablet whose chassis is quite similar to Nexus tablet from LG. It is packed with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. As you guessed it, for 3D imaging, the device features a motion-tracking camera. The depth sensor feature will be able to provide the users with 3D maps. Google wishes to release products with different form factors as they feel that Project Tango can't be limited to only one type of product. The device will be able to sense the location without making use of features like GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Google did not give away ATAP when it sold Motorola to Lenovo this year. The reason behind it is that Google wants to make the best use of it for riskier futuristic projects. ATAP has some other initiatives up its sleeves too such as digital tattoos which can be applied on to the skin for about five days for unlocking Moto X smartphones. Project Tango was demonstrated by Google during the Google I/O developer conference that was held in the previous week. It showed the device working with several cameras to render 3D images in real-time. During the event, it was also revealed that Google's ATAP was working on a modular smartphone named Ara.

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