Google Disallows Modification to the User Interface of Android Auto, Android TV and Android Wear

During the last week's Google I/O event, a number of things related to Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto. It has been recently announced by the Mountain View tech giant that the UI of these products will not be allowed to be customized by OEM. When it comes to the Android operating system that is meant for smartphones and tablets, Google has not put any sort of restrictions on the modification of its user interface. In other words, companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and various other brands sell Android powered mobile devices. However, these are the companies that are allowed to modify the Android ROMs. You can find TouchWiz UI laden on Android with Samsung devices. In the same way, the HTC Sense UI is overlaid on Android UI on HTC devices. However, the user interface for new Android operating system products like the Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto will not be allowed to be modified. Google wants all the devices that feature these OSes to be available with a consistent experience. David Burke who is working as an engineering director with Google has also expressed that they wish to offer consistent user experience. If there are two Android TV products in a house, both the devices will feature the same UI. He added that device manufacturers can go ahead and use their brand name and even offer additional services but there won't be any modification to the user interface. Another thing that the OEM partners of Google need to be aware of is the fact that software updates for Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto will be directly made available by Google. The reason behind it is that Google wants to the make the updates an easy and automatic process for the new Android products. Google's Nexus line of smartphones and tablets have received rave ratings from expert reviewers. The Nexus devices are all running on the pure version of Android. In other words, there is no modification done to the user interface of the Android OS. Even Samsung and HTC are offering smartphones with the pure version of Android under the name 'Google Play'. We need to wait and watch to find out how Google's move with the new Android products plays out. If you will be using plenty of Android products like an Android smartphone, Android Auto, Android Wear and Android TV, it would good if all these devices offer the same user interfaces for better user experience.

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