Google Takes on Apple TV - Soon Android TV Set-top Boxes to Appear in Market

The Google TV venture could not achieve major success but that has not stopped Google from rebranding the product to take on Apple TV.  Google plans to yet again enter our living room with a product called Android TV. Speculations have it that Google plans to unravel the Android TV during the upcoming Google I/O event. The Google I/O event is going to be held at San Francisco, California on 26th June.  Google has not made any announcement officially about revealing Android TV during this event. However, tech gurus are of the view that since Android Police was able to get a snapshot of a change-log for Riptide GP2. Through this, it is quite evident that Google supports Android TV. Google Android TV is not just about enjoying TV channels but also users will be able to play their favorites music and games. If you are playing a game on your Android smartphone, you will be able to continue the same game when you are in front of your Android TV and vice-versa. The Android TV user interface will come with 'cards' for accessing movies, apps and games. Analysts feel that the Android TV will function like the recently released Amazon Fire TV. Google aims to make the Android TV experience quite user-friendly as it will allow users to access the desired content with only three clicks from the home screen. Google had first announced the Google TV in 2010 and the Android TV is Google's third attempt after consistently failing to find takers.  Compared to earlier situation, more than half of US household are using TVs that are connected with internet. It may be the right time to plunge into the market again with the all new Android TV. Game enthusiasts will simply love playing their favorite games on the large TV screen. Google also plans to roll out various game accessories in the near future. According to The Verge, Google's Android TV is not a platform for computing but an entertainment interface. In the recent past, Google had come out with Chromecast dongle for only $35. It allows the user to access entertainment services like YouTube and NetFlix on their HDTV by connecting it to the HDMI port. After failing twice, Google is all set to take on its competitors with a much improved device.  

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