HIV Diagnostics Market

Overview  The HIV diagnostics market comprises diagnostic tests and products for the detection of HIV in humans. It accounted for over USD 2, 170 million in 2014. The market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 9.3 percent in the next few years. This growth is credited to advancements in HIV diagnostic tests, multiple HIV cases around the globe and boosting novel treatments for HIV and AIDS. For Market Research Report on “HIV Diagnostics Market” Visit - All the primary regional HIV diagnostics market sectors would experience augmented demand in the forthcoming years. These sectors will develop on account of the rising necessity for fast, easily accessible and effective HIV tests. The worldwide market is going to witness upward trends over the forecast period of 2014 to 2020. The growing ‘high risk’ population indulging in promiscuous behaviors, sex with multiple partners and unprotected sex is also projected to raise the demand for HIV diagnostic tests. This would accelerate the sales of the market. Apart from this, rising drug users sharing hypodermic syringes would drive the demand for HIV tests, thus boosting the income of the market. Market Segmentation  Products Insights The HIV diagnostics market consists of confirmatory tests and diagnostic screening for HIV-1 and HIV- 2. It also includes group O incidence testing. At a wider level, HIV diagnostic products and tests are segmented into viral identification assays, early infant diagnostics (EID), CD4 testing and viral load testing. EID is conducted independently from CD4 and viral load testing. The molecular test for DNA PCR is used for detecting HIV in infants. In 2014, the largest share in the HIV diagnostics market was occupied by antibody tests. These tests are likely to lead the market due to their high usage rates, accuracy and sensitivity. Antibody tests are divided into Group O tests, HIV-1 screening, and 1 confirmatory and 2. Western Blot, 3rd and 4th generation ELISA tests, rapid agglutination for HIV-1 screening and indirect immunoflourescent antibody assay are some of these. The other test sectors in the market encompass viral culture for viral identification, p24 antigen tests, CD4 testing and viral load testing.  These tests are needed during the monitoring and utilization of antiretroviral therapy once the infection is confirmed. Regional Outlook The leading HIV diagnostics market was North America. The region contributed maximum revenue to the global market. This was due to the existence of advanced healthcare structures, higher medical expenditures and supportive reimbursement policies in the region. Quick and convenient HIV diagnostic tests would also steer further demand for this regional market over the coming years. Market Participants The leading participants in the HIV diagnostics market are PointCare Technologies, Qiagen, Janssen Therapeutics, Merck& Co.Inc and Siemens Healthcare. Some others are Mylan Inc, BD Biosciences, Gilead Sciences, Alere Inc., Zyomyx, bioMerieux and Roche Diagnostics. These players are mostly doing clinical research and development for p24 and viral load testing methodologies. They are planning to increase accessibility to HIV tests and reduce complications. Growing spendings in HIV diagnostics by these players are also assisting in the further growth of the market. HIV Diagnostics Market Information Source: Grand View Research  

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