Household Vacuum Cleaners Market Growth - Likely To Have USD 14 Billion By 2018

Vacuum cleaners are used to clean homes. All homes contain dirt particles, dust and other impurities. When vacuum cleaners are switched on, they suck dirt and dusty particles from various places or objects, like carpets, drawing rooms, floors, mattresses, etc. The global household vacuum cleaners market is steered, mainly by rising apprehensions with respect to health and hygiene. For Market Research Report on “Household Vacuum Cleaners Market” Visit – Enhanced living styles also propel the use of household vacuum cleaners. This factor furthers the household vacuum cleaners market. Various kinds of vacuum cleaners exist. Every different vacuum cleaner caters to the requirements of a different surface. Thus, the kind of vacuum cleaner used depends on the kind of surface. Advancements in technologies of vacuum cleaning and enhancements in the effectivity of vacuum cleaners are estimated to augment the household vacuum cleaners market in the years ahead. The market is divided into three categories. These are products, sales costs and geographies. The products market is sliced into robotic, central, drum, canister, upright, wet and other vacuum cleaners. The sales costs household vacuum cleaners market is sliced into cost in excess of USD 200 and cost below USD 200. The geographies market is fragmented on the basis of four regions. These are Asia Pacific, rest of the world, Europe and North America. The forecast phase lasts from 2012 to 2018. The household vacuum cleaners market is predicted to attain about USD 14 billion by 2018. It is anticipated to increase at around 5 percent CAGR during the forecast period. The household vacuum cleaners market is also steered by increased residential disposable earnings. Household Vacuum Cleaners Market Information Source: Radiant Insights

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