iPod Touch Price Slashed Up to 25%

In a bid to find more customers for its iPod Touch line of portable media players, Apple has lowered the prices of these gadgets starting this Thursday. The iPod Touch is not as popular as it used to be few years ago since many people prefer to listen to music and watch videos on their smartphones.

The iPod Touch with 64GB storage space is now available for $299. Its original price was $399. The 32GB edition of iPod Touch is now available for $249 which was sold with an original price tag of $299. Lastly, the 16GB iPod Touch is available for $199. Its original price was $229. The price reduction has also come upon other countries like UK and Australia.

The 16GB storage device is now being sold on par with 32GB and 64GB iPod Touch models. The 16GB model comes with a new rear camera and is now available in four vibrant colors like yellow, red, pink and blue. The red colored iPod Touch is a fund raiser product to donate funds to fight AIDS.

Apart from change in the entry level category, there is no change in the 32GB and 64GB models. Both the models come with 4.4inch Retina display screen, 5MP iSight camera at the backside, earpods and a wrist loop. The 16GB iPod Touch does not come with a wrist loop and its owners will have to spend few more dollars on buying it separately.

iPod Touch was once a popular flagship product before iPhone was introduced in the market. The increasing popularity of iPhone and Android smartphones from other brands has reduced the sales of iPod Touch by 50 percent according last fiscal quarter report. So, it is quite evident that Apple would make moves to boost the sales of iPod Touch products.
With the new lowered prices, the iPod Touch will interest those buyers who are looking for a cheaply priced product that can allow them to listen to music, play games, snap great phones and watch videos. Well, what you can't do this with device is that you cannot make phone calls or send text message.

According to fresh rumors, Apple is expected to introduce a new iPod Touch very soon alongside a drop in price of currently available iPod Touch products. This news may become true as Apple has already refreshed its other devices like iPhone 5C, 4th gen iPad, MacBook Air and iMac.

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