Medical Device Outsourcing Market Size To 2020 - Global Industry Analysis, Trends And Forecasts

The medical device outsourcing market is an industry that gets into agreement with a third party for product development and packaging medical devices in hygienic and restricted environments. Establishments that are functional and effective in subcontracting medical devices are familiar with relevant policies, instructions and guidelines of medicine.

Such tasks are usually completed by medicinal firms, within. However, allowing and providing businesses of third party to contract out their medical products assist creators of medical devices to concentrate on their internal proficiencies and endeavor into scientific, therapeutic and procedural renovations.

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Contract-forming with associates of the third party for the execution of business relevant operations in medical devices is a comparatively new perception. Subsequent to explosion in outsourcing, the medical device outsourcing market is predicted to expand sharply in the coming years.

Various top producers and developing ones are choosing to subcontract services to administer the production of their devices. New participants witness this as ways to reduce price and collect additional reserves for the innovation of products. The worldwide medical device outsourcing market is driven primarily, by the emerging requirement for medical solutions and superior medical products.

As several makers are considering to contract out their device making procedures to the makers of third party medical contract, the market is witnessing a growing trend on a worldwide basis. Subcontracting is not a distinctive and new trend any longer. The medical device outsourcing market was worth about USD 21 billion in 2012 and is rising from 2012 to 2018, at a CAGR of around 11 percent.

The market of medical devices is one of the biggest sections of healthcare, producing an expected USD 250 billion in 2009. It has been farming out production services of medical devices for around ten years. Subcontracting has assisted makers of medical devices to reduce the development costs of products by ten to thirty percent.

The market’s large profit margins have drawn in several new participants, escalating the levels of competitiveness in the industry. The admission of makers of new medical devices in the market has also grown the requirement for delegating services, as these competitors don’t have much familiarity in this field.

The requirement to contract out medical devices is growing considerably during the current period. The worldwide medical device outsourcing market is also expanding due to continuing advancements and enhancements in medical technology. In the years gone by, developments in the procedures of production, new technologies and the developing geriatric population have added to the medical device market.

Increasing requirement in the manufacturing sector of research and development for medical devices is projected to generate income for the medical device outsourcing market too. This worldwide market is fragmented on the basis of applications, services and regions. These aspects are described below.


The market is segmented into class 3, class 2 and class 1 devices.

Class 2 devices were the biggest in the application sector of the medical device outsourcing market in 2013.


The market is fragmented on the basis of services into product testing and certification, product design and development, product implementation and maintenance and upgrade and regulatory consulting for medical devices.

Product implementation is predicted to expand strikingly at around 13 percent over the expected period.


The medical device outsourcing market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the rest of the world.

North America dominated the worldwide market in 2013. It also occupied a huge share in the market that year.

Asia Pacific is projected to offer profitable prospects of expansion to the medical device outsourcing market in the future. Medical Device Outsourcing Market Size Source: Grand View Research

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