Microsoft May Replace the Surface Brand Name With Lumia

The brand name 'Surface' from Microsoft is well-known in the tech world but still the software giant is considering rechristening the name to 'Lumia'. Soon the products available under the name of Microsoft Surface may become available as Microsoft Lumia. Branding is not easy and changing the brand name mid-stream may not be a good decision. Microsoft had plans to phase out the brand name Nokia after acquiring but as of now it seems that Microsoft plans to continue to use the name Nokia for its future phones. By the way, why is Microsoft considering renaming Surface to Lumia? According to EvLeaks, Microsoft is in its ultimate stage of licensing the Finnish brand name. Thereafter, the devices from Nokia will carry the name 'Nokia by Microsoft'. Moreover, Microsoft is in the process of streamlining its Surface products and soon the 'Surface' name will be dropped to only use 'Lumia' for future tablets and laptops. Earlier this year, EvLeaks had reported that the brand name Nokia would completely disappear from the scene but that has happened yet. There has been no official information on the rechristening rumor. Microsoft has used a lot of money to advertise its Surface branded products to compete with Android devices. Microsoft is also heavily advertising the new Surface Pro 3 on television during the Fifa 2014 World Cup. The brand name Nokia and Lumia are not that popular in US. However, beyond US, the names are quite famous. Also, the Windows Phone powered handsets are not doing well in US. However, outside US, the handsets are doing performing well in the Asian and European markets. The Windows RT powered Surface tablet which released in 2012 did not achieve much popularity. The initial tablet from Microsoft was marred with poor battery life and its performance was not good as compared to competitive Android tablets. Microsoft then came out with the successor device which was released in 2013. It was the Surface Pro which received good ratings from reviewers. And since then Microsoft has been trying to compete with Android powered tablets and the immensely popular Apple iPad. When Microsoft acquired Nokia, even though Nokia products were not doing well in the market, the brand name is still very popular and considered to be one of the best brands ever. We are not sure whether Surface will be officially replaced with Lumia. We will have to wait for more official information to roll out to comment on it.

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