Microsoft Smartwatch May Arrive Alongside Apple iWatch

Many popular brands have entered the wearable market and its time Microsoft unleashes its smartwatch. The whole world has been waiting for iWatch to arrive but other companies have already entered the smartwatch space. Microsoft too has a product that is going to compete with the iWatch in the near future. Since many companies are plunging into the smartwatch space and wearable technology, there should be a certain USP to stand cut above the rest. According to fresh rumors, Microsoft has something that makes its smartwatch stand out different from the rest. One patent feature that is expected to arrive with Microsoft smartwatch is known as Discreetly Displaying Contextually Relevant info on the screen of the device. It does not sound like a very exciting feature and may be just simple notifications that will be actively displayed on the screen. However, the additional feature that may come alongside is that it will be supported with turn by turn navigation. In the previous week, during the Google I/O event, the search engine giant had showcased the Android Wear smartwatch. The Microsoft smartwatch is expected to be available in the market in October. It is the very same time that Apple may come out with iWatch. Some tech gurus feel that Microsoft's smartwatch will not be a watch but will come equipped with eleven sensors. These sensors will provide the user with information on health such as heart rate and synchronize the data on the smartphone he uses. The smartwatch from Microsoft will not require you to use a Windows Phone device but it will work on even Android and iOS smartphones. Another rumored feat of the smartwatch from Microsoft is that its display will be viewable from inside and not from outside as we generally see on all watches. Users will have to move their wrist upwards to see what's on the display. This will allow users to see the display privately. The Microsoft smartwatch is going to be thinner and flatter. Microsoft has not revealed the release date of its smartwatch. Moreover, the official name of the product is also not known yet. Rumors have it that the smartband from Microsoft will be all about fitness and that's the reason why it has eleven sensors which will be able to detect motion and touch. Even Apple's iWatch is going to be fitness centered smartwatch. Both the devices are expected to arrive in October. Hence, we will have to wait more for official information to roll out.

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