Mobile VoIP Market Growth - Likely To Achieve Income Of USD 137 Billion By 2020

Mobile VoIP (mVoIP) or mobility to a voice over IP network is a method used for communication. It supports two communication systems. These are 3G & 4G protocols for wider area communication and cordless protocols for campus or short range communication. The mobile VoIP market is anticipated to generate a revenue of about USD 137 billion by 2020. For Market Research Report on “Mobile VoIP Market” Visit - The propelling factors for the mobile VoIP market are price competitiveness, voice quality, rich media and wireless bandwidth capabilities. However, the low acceptance of mobile VoIP services and less knowledge regarding mobile VoIP issues are likely to restrain the market over the coming years. The mobile VoIP market can be segmented into configurations, calls, consumers and geographies. The market, on the basis of configurations, can be divided into phone to phone VoIP services, computer to phone VoIP services and computer to computer VoIP services. The mobile VoIP market, on the basis of calls, can be bifurcated into domestic VoIP calls and international long distance VoIP calls. On the basis of consumers, the market is divided into corporate consumers and individual consumers. Geographically, the mobile VoIP market can be sliced into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and rest of the world (ROW). North America and Europe are the most lucrative markets. This is due to rising awareness, increasing disposable incomes and technological improvements. Asia Pacific is a rapidly growing mobile VoIP market. This is owing to rising consumer base and growing adoption of 3G and 4G protocols. Low cost entry and low priced communication services are creating immense opportunities for new players entering the mobile VoIP market. Mobile VoIP Market Information Source: Grand View Research

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