Nappy technology helpful for agriculture

The Manchester based company has found that super-absorbent polymers absorbs the liquid but after a while excretes it too. This has components potassium acetate (also called as polyacrylamide) and co-polymer of acrylamide. The polyacrylamide is a good solution to the water consumption for irrigation land. The polyacrylamide tends to hold water, after some period of time nutrients and water is released from soil so less water is required to irrigate the land. Super-absorbent polymers holds good chances for reducing the percentage of water required in agriculture. It is expected that it can reduce to extent of half the percentage in spite of difference in absorption rate differs due to soil and water quality. The polymers are also useful in controlling the run-off and leaching, major concern in water contamination. If plants are provided regular nutrients, super absorbent polymers can perform more than its capacity.

Source: Radiant Insights

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