Non-lethal Weapons Market Size To 2018: Microwave can be the source of new non-lethal weapons in China

As China grows economically, it seems to have great plans in expanding its influence further. The Chinese military also fits in these plans and as such it develops ways of outfitting its armed forces with hi-tech weapons to have an edge when compared to the Western powers and even neighboring Japan. One of these new types of military equipment dubbed Poly WB-1 contains a different and modified version of the banal magnetron. It’s the same old magnetron used for heating up your chicken casserole, ready-made lasagne or pre-made dishes on the microwave oven. And if you didn’t know that already the said magnetron can be bad for you. For Market Research Report on “Non-Lethal Weapons Market” Visit – And that’s where the weapon bit comes into play. The Poly WB-1 aided by a deflector dish or antenna of sorts can transmit low intensity radio waves up to distances of 1 Km. Apparently a concentrated beam with a wavelength measuring only millimeters could penetrate the superficial layers of your skin, which it seems is more than enough to render someone incapacitated due to unbearable pain added by lingering burning sensations. And remember, the device is meant to incapacitate and is referred as non-lethal, so it’s not meant to kill but to hurt you badly. I’m not even sure how this claim could be even remotely comfortable to digest but this is I guess a subject open for debate. The non-lethal microwave Poly WB-1 is intended to be used by authorities for crowd control and dispersing the occasional angry mob as well as incapacitating enemy troops on the battlefield thus stopping armed conflicts without resorting to lethal measures. The device however is too large to outfit the troops as a handheld prop and thus has to be mounted on large military or armored vehicles complementing the pressurized water cannons or the tear gas arsenal. Non-Lethal Weapons Market Size Source: Radiant Insights

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