North America Air Conditioning Systems Market Growth To 2020: Nest moves up from air conditioning system control to full home automation

Smart air conditioning control system, Nest, which is one of the biggest players in home automation industry is aggressively expanding its reach and capacity. After being acquired by Google in 2014 for a staggering amount of $3.2 Billion, the company was quick in announcing a host of partnerships and upgrades. And now it made public a new angle to these relationships when it announced partnering with LG, UniKey and Phillips. For Market Research Report on “North America Air Conditioning Systems Market” Visit – Clearly these partnerships are aimed at elevating Nest from being a primary air conditioning systems controller to a central smart home system. This news also come just months after Google announced another high profile purchase of DropCam, makers of smart home security cameras. The company was founded in 2010 by two former Apple engineers and originally dealt only with air conditioning automation and smoke detection systems. Nest has now created a scheme called Works with Nest that allows third-party companies to create similar links and functionality. It had already been adopted by Whirlppol and Mercedes but at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today it announced that it had signed-up over a dozen more companies. This includes August, which creates electronic locks. When a user opens their front door the lock can now tell the Nest thermostat to start warming the house. Phillips is also the manufacturer of Hue light bulb, which is a smart multi-colored bulb which can switch between shades as per user instructions. Whirlpool has also signed-up and will allow washer and dryer machines to switch to quiet mode automatically when people are detected in the house. The French maker of fitness tracking devices, Withings, has also got on board with Nest and now allows sleep monitoring devices to talk to the thermostats and tell them to set the house to a comfortable temperature, and also inform them of when you wake up. North America Air Conditioning Systems Market Growth Source: Grand View Research  

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