Physiotherapy Equipment Market Growth - Projected To Reach USD 20 Million By 2019

The physiotherapy equipment market is projected to reach around USD 20 million by 2019. Rising cardiovascular diseases, sports injuries, neurological disorders and pediatric illnesses are the driving factors for the growth of the physiotherapy equipment market. Physiotherapy equipments are highly advised to sportspersons, physically challenged and those suffering degenerative disorders. For Market Research Report on “Physiotherapy Equipment Market” Visit - Rising demand for the physiotherapy equipment market owes to increasing neurological disorders and cardiovascular illnesses among baby boomers about to reach their retiring age. However, major constraints hampering this demand are less skilled people and high maintenance and equipment costs. The physiotherapy equipment market can be categorized into applications, products, end users and geography. Applications are divided further into neurology, cardiovascular and pulmonary and musculoskeletal and pediatric. On the basis of products, the market is fragmented into equipments and accessories. The equipments market is divided further into ultrasound, electric simulation, heat therapy, therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy and continuous passive motion. End users of the physiotherapy equipment market include clinics, hospitals, healthcare, schools and rehabilitation centers. Among all these, hospitals were the major consumer of the physiotherapy equipment market in 2014. This was due to huge government finances and easy accessibility of hospitals to physiotherapy equipments. North America dominated the physiotherapy equipment market in 2014. This was due to the rising population of baby boomers in the region. It was followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. Escalating concerns and government spendings with regard to physiotherapy treatment are anticipated to drive the physiotherapy equipment market in these two regions. China and India are predicted to be the fastest growing physiotherapy equipment markets in Asia Pacific. The adoption of physiotherapy equipments in these regions owes to escalating aging population and government spendings on physiotherapy. Physiotherapy Equipment Market Information Source: Grand View Research    

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