Phytosterols Market Size, Share, Analysis, Forecasts, 2014 - 2020

Phytosterols are steroid compounds that are plant- derived and are identical to cholesterols in terms of structural behavior and functionality. They compete with cholesterols due to this similarity and are used in procedure of intestinal absorption in digestive system to decrease cholesterol level. Phytosterols are also used as additives across broad range of food products like bakery products, milk sausages, yogurts, cold cuts and spreads and margarines. Government statement on usage of phytosterols as additives to execute the nutritional requirements of food and beverages has increased the overall market demand.  Additionally, Rising prevalence of coronary heart disease has improved the market penetration of phytosterols. Also, it has enhanced the phytosterols product availability in the worldwide market. For Market Research Report on “Phytosterols Market” Visit - Major products in the phytosterols market are stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol, campesterol and others (Brassicaterols and Ergosterols). These phytosterols are mostly found in nuts, vegetables, seeds and fruits. Stigmasterol is used in manufacturing semi-synthetic progesterone which is an key human hormone .It is considerably essential in rebuilding process of body tissues allied to estrogen effects. Beta-sitosterol has broad range of medical application such as prevention from shin problems, colon cancer and cervical cancer. Campesterol is extracted from range of edible plants for medical use. Key use of ergosterol is in food ingredients and medicines. Usages of Brassicasterols are in biomarker for existence of algal matter in the environment. Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food ingredient industry are the major applications in the phytosterols market. As compared to other two applications, Cosmetic application segments holds for the lowest market share. Europe is the key regional market for phyosterols, favorable regulatory scenario is the region is expected to boost the market growth. North America is counted as the second largest market. Asia Pacific is the developing market for the product due to several untapped market potential and low awareness in the region. Furthermore, rising disposable income in regions like China and India will drive Asia Pacific market over the coming years. Leading market participants in the global phytosterols market are Arbois, Fenchem Enterprises Ltd, Lipofoods, Raisio Life Sciences, K-Patel Phyto Extracts, Cognis-BASF, Triple Crown, Degussa Food Ingr mbH, Arbois and PrimaPharm B.V Phytosterols Market Information Source: Grand View Research

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