Pneumatic Conveying System Market Worth USD 30 billion by 2022

The pneumatic conveying system market is estimated to grow further due to infrastructural needs and industrial spendings, according to a report by Radiant Insights, Inc. Its total revenue stood at about USD 20.3 billion in 2014. This revenue would exceed USD 30 billion by 2022. For Market Research Report on “Pneumatic Conveying System Market” Visit - Pneumatic conveying systems move dry materials in pipelines with the help of air. They help in protecting end-products from contamination. These systems also assist in reducing downtime and improving productivity. They are predicted to grow way better by 2022. Dry materials can be transported in pipelines on the basis of two working principles, dense and dilute phase conveying systems. Dense phase conveying systems are exhibiting moderate growth. They are used in pharmaceutical and food applications. Dilute phase conveying systems, on the other hand, would occupy more than 70% of the total pneumatic conveying system market in the forecast period. The food, and pharmaceutical industries are the end-users of the market. They jointly captured over 50 percent share in 2014. This share might increase further in the years ahead. Ceramics, rubber, and plastics are the other market end-users. Ceramics are estimated to show increased growth in the future. On the basis of market technologies, vacuum systems are projected to rise at about 5 percent CAGR in the future. Combination systems would notice moderate expansion in the forecast period. Positive pressure systems are the third technology in the pneumatic conveying system market. The report studies the effect of pneumatic conveying systems in four regions. These include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW). Europe has emerged as a significant market leader. It will occupy over 30% share by 2022. This might be credited to governmental regulations promoting regional growth. APAC seems to be the next big market. This is due to swift urbanization and development in the region. Security and health apprehensions have encouraged regional manufacturers to invest in these systems. The companies currently participating in the pneumatic conveying system market include Schenck Process LLC, Flexicon Corporation, Atlas Copco, DongYang P&F, K-Tron, and Vac-U-Max. They are spending heavily on advancements and product innovations. Sellers also lay stress on offering practical transportation solutions to reduce power expenditures and enhance effectivity. Pneumatic Conveying System Market Information Source: Radiants Insights    

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