Pretty Amazing that Will Upset the Whole World to Arrive on Windows Phone

There is in something new store for Windows Phone fans. The software engineer at Microsoft are indicating it by say something 'pretty amazing' is going to happen to the Windows Phone space. What is it going to be? Since nothing more has been revealed, tech experts are trying all the new features that may possibly arrive soon on Windows Phone. Microsoft has already the expected features to come with Windows Phone 8.1. However, the message – it's going to be pretty amazing -released by Jerry Berg who is the Senior Software Development Engineer in Test indicate that something exciting is going to arrive with Windows Phone 8.1. He also added that the new feature will upset the whole world. Berg did not reveal any official information on the new feature and he did not reveal when can hear new information about it. Recently, Microsoft had shown that they will be including folder functionality in the Windows Phone 8.1. The new feature will allow the users to use drag and drop technique on the Live Tiles. This will allow users to stack Tiles at one spot and add a name to it. The feature is already available for Android and iOS users but it is yet to arrive for Windows Phone users. The new feature is expected to arrive in the initial two weeks of July. The Windows Phone 8.1 is just a software update and not a new version of Windows Phone OS. However, the folder functionality does not seem to be the feature that will upset the world as indicated by Berg. Speculations are increasing about what could be Berg possibly talking about. In the recent past, Microsoft had showcased their touchless 3D display technology on a mobile device. Can this be the feature Berg is referring to? Through the words of Berg, it is certainly clear that Microsoft plans to bring something very different to Windows Phone OS. According to rumors, Berg may be referring to the kinect-like gesture feature which is available on Xbox to come on the new Nokia McLaren smartphone that may feature the touchless 3D display technology. The handset is expected to arrive in this vacation season. Since Berg has not spoken on the timeline of the arrival of the new feature, we will only have to wait more to get new information. Surely, Microsoft has something groundbreaking under its sleeves and in the due course of time it will be made known to the general public.

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