Sleep Apnea Devices Market - Size, Trends And Forecasts

Sleep problems lead to a lot of distress in individuals and need to be taken care of as soon as possible. They are a major form of disturbance to people all over the world. Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder wherein people stop and start breathing frequently. This disorder has contributed heavily to the distress of patients suffering from sleep disorders.

The sleep apnea devices market assists such patients and will expand fast due to speedy advancements in technology. The most widespread kind of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). More than 80 percent of those suffering from sleep apnea are detected with OSA. Research has shown that around 100 million people across the globe are believed to be suffering from OSA. Out of this, 80 percent live with it and are left without being diagnosed of the same.

Industry Overview

The sleep apnea devices market is new and on the rise, particularly in developed countries. The requirement for sleep apnea devices will rise fast, due to the gradual increase in health awareness among patients and others. The worldwide sleep apnea devices market was worth more than USD 1 billion in 2012.

Investing more in promoting remedial devices expands the market further. But, discomfort, no agreement with the patient and dependability of therapeutic devices can act as obstacles to the approval of these devices. This can affect the sleep apnea devices market negatively. A metropolitan lifestyle has many drawbacks. Some of these are obesity, long working hours, anxiety and depression and high blood pressure. All these contribute towards sleep disorders. This has led to an increased requirement for sleep apnea devices, thereby adding to the revenue of the market.

Product Overview

The sleep apnea devices market is divided into two sections. These are diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Diagnostic devices made up for more than 50 percent of 2013’s entire market. However, these devices will lose share of the market by 2020 to therapeutic devices. Therapeutic devices are estimated to go past the former.

Polysomnographic devices occupied more than 25 percent of the entire income of the diagnostic sleep apnea devices market in 2013. Positive Airway Pressure devices made up for more than 20 percent of 2013’s entire income of the therapeutic devices market of sleep apnea. Oral devices will achieve the share of devices of the therapeutic market through the forecast period.

Regional Overview

North America dominated 2013’s sleep apnea devices market and made up for around 35 percent of the entire income. Europe followed North America. The Asian Pacific sleep apnea devices market has not expanded even satisfactorily, owing to plenty of undiagnosed cases and less indemnity coverage and awareness.

On the other hand, with the awareness level estimated to rise through the forecast period, the sleep apnea devices market conditions of the region of Asia Pacific will improve in the future.

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