Smart Glass Market Size To 2020: Sony to enter smart glass market without using the infamous camera

Sony is all set to fill the expectation gap created by the disappointing performance of the Google Glass. The company has announced the development of a new device that will serve as an appealing alternative, and without the disrupting features of the Glass as the company claims.

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Sony’s new single lens display module is a lightweight device to be mounted on any eyewear. At the outset Sony has no plans to attach a camera to its module like Google has done to its Glass. Indeed this camera was the root of all concerns expressed by the audience around Glass wearers. Instead, Sony plans to enable the device to connect to various existing and upcoming Bluetooth-enabled cameras, be it the one on your Smartphone, a sports action cam or a spy cam attached to your shirt. The company is releasing a software development kit (SDK) for the module in order to facilitate application development. For Sony, the glasses-style smart device solutions could see the module being adapted to a wide variety of uses, given its high processing power. According to it, the module could be adopted for various situations such as cycling, golf, or other outdoor sport, and of course while driving. Alternatively, the module could be paired directly with an action camera capable of remote display on a Smartphone, enabling the user to check the angle of view and the captured image from a distance through the eyewear. Sony also has high expectations for the module's applications in a work setting. According to it when linked to a factory's internal infrastructure system, instructions could be given remotely and hands-free, allowing workers to continue their work uninterrupted. The display is expected to use OLED technology with high-resolution Microdisplay which is amongst the smallest in the world. With the latest announcement, Sony plans to take the momentum which was lost after the release and somewhat public bashing received by the Google Glass. Sony will be unveiling this display module for the first time in public at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 to be held in Las Vegas in January. Smart Glass Market Size Source: Grand View Research

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