Smart TV Market Share To 2020: Poor user interface hinders the future of Smart TV industry

While smart TV firms have reasons to rejoice it 15% growth that the industry experienced last year, poor UI models in the market are hampering the overall usage of these TVs. Reportedly, research has shown that almost half of all smart TV owners use a different device to view internet based content. Most such users remarked that the user interface in their TVs is not fluent enough to make them want to interact.

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Furthermore, while watching internet based catch up services has seen a recent climb in numbers, there is a decremental trend in using such sets for gaming, internet browsing and watching video clips. This view gets more fuel when considering the fact that adoption of internet-based TV services like Comcast’s Xfinity has been decreasing in recent times. Furthermore, while social media continues to see wide-spread adoption, the use of smart TVs to view such content has decreased by 20%. This runs parallel to the fact that overall use of these units for internet browsing at large decreased from 44 percent in 2012 to merely 25 in 2014. The self-contradicting trend of rising smart TV sales and decreasing use of these TVs for viewing website content will be difficult to sustain in the long-term. For now that sheer fascination of owning a smart TV may have helped the industry, but if users continue to view other devices such as tablets which are increasing in sophistication as their primary mode of interacting with the web, the sales may witness a significant slump. However, the recent announcement of smart TV UIs at CES 2015 gives some hopes of sustaining the growth. Google announced its Android TV platform in partnership with Sony, Acer and TP as manufacturers. At the same time rival firm, Samsung announced the introduction of Tizen OS in the smart TVs it makes this year followed by LG announcing the use of the WebOS platform it earlier acquired from HP in its new smart TVs. Smart TV Market Share Source: Grand View Research  

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