Soap noodles Market Size, Share, Analysis, Forecasts, 2015-2022

Soap noodles market is likely to augment over the coming years .This is mainly due to rising demand in soap industry. They are mainly used in production of toilet soaps as a base material. Soap noodles are formed by reaction of palm –based fatty acid and sodium hydroxide. It includes changeable percentages of coconut or kernel oil and palm oil like 80:20, 90:10, 70:30 and 60:40. .Although, 20% of coconut and 80% of palm oil is often used in various industries due to its rate of cleaning ability, hardness and proper balance of lather. Therefore, soap noodles demand is expected to increase over the coming years. For Market Research Report on “Soap noodles Market” Visit - Also, rapid development of end-use industries is likely to boost product development demand over the forecast period. Soap noodle is used in both Kosher and Halal certified owing to its organic origin like coconut oil, RBD palm kernel oil and RBD oil. Also, special soap is used mainly in medical purposes and shampooing, while industrial soap is primarily used in textile industry. Furthermore, increasing demand in end-use sector is expected to propel overall market growth. Depending on their technique of synthesis and raw material, a Soap noodle is usually accessible in four types. They are tallow fatty acid (TFA), palm fatty acid (PFA), tallow oil saponification (TOS) and palm oil saponification noodles (POS). Western Europe and Asia dominate the POS noodles market, while North and South America are the leading regions for TOS and TFA market. Due to abundant availability of palm oil and other vegetable oils, regions such as Philippines, India, Indonesia and Malaysia are undergoing escalating demand for POS and PFA products. Additionally, demand for soap noodles is increasing rapidly especially in emerging countries such as China and India is estimated to boost industry over the coming years. Indonesia and Malaysia are the major manufacturer of the soap noodles market followed by regions such as Southern Europe, India and Brazil. Major soap noodles producers are Turkey, Ethiopia, Republic of Korea, Argentina and India. Leading market players in soap noodles market are Oilivia Impex Pvt. Ltd, Deeno Group, Hasel Soap & Cosmetic Co., and Excel Rasyaan Private Ltd. Soap noodles Market Information Source: Radiants Insights      

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