Software Defined Networking (SDN) Market - Analyzed Under Two Categories

The software defined networking (SDN) market has an advanced approach towards networking. Here, the system’s control is detached from the physical hardware and dealt with, by an application in software. This approach has an idea behind. The idea is to remove physical infrastructure restrictions of networks. SDN provides an economical approach towards networking. This comes with an intention to decrease the cost of undertakings, thus dropping latency and executing effective network administration. For Market Research Report on “Software Defined Networking (SDN) Market” Visit – [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="484"] Global Software Defined Networking (SDN) market by end user, 2012 – 2020, (USD Million)[/caption] Some of the main factors that drive demand for the software defined networking (SDN) market include escalating requirement for mobility and the need for new architecture and cloud services. Other factors that propel the market are differing patterns of traffic, network regulation of huge networks and improved network administration across various geographical regions. Some of the hindrances faced by the software defined networking (SDN) market include the widespread and recognized use of existing technology for networking regulation. Absence of industrial standards for SDN and several software malfunctions lifting safety concerns on installing the solution also prevent further growth of the software defined networking (SDN) market. The SDN solutions of today find uses in fiscal services, banking, academics, medical industry and other places. The assignment of designing company networks to fit the needs of significant business applications takes a lot of time, is done by expensive software resources and has high undertaking expenses. SDN makes this undertaking easy and is capable of executing the said task in a few minutes at a price much lesser than the original cost. The worldwide software defined networking (SDN) market is anticipated to garner revenue worth USD 3 billion by 2018. It is projected to expand through the forecast phase at about 61 percent CAGR. The said phase continues from 2012 to 2018. The software defined networking (SDN) market is analyzed under two categories. These include consumers and geographical regions. Software Defined Networking (SDN) Market Information Source: Grand View Research

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