Solar PV Market - Size, Analysis And Trends

The solar PV market deals with photovoltaic systems that convert solar energy into useful forms of energy. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are utilized to produce electricity via the photovoltaic result. Solar PV panels are used to catch solar radiations and convert them to electricity. Electricity, secreting insignificant quantities of carbon, is produced by solar PV systems.

This reduces carbon in the environment. The worldwide set-up capacity for the solar PV market is projected to reach almost 490 GW by 2020. Increasing drive for sustainability has caused more focus on renewable forms of energy, such as solar PV. Moreover, constructive rules and regulations will add further to the set-up capacity, particularly adjacent to the sunbelt nations.

Interesting Insights

Solar energy is available in huge quantities and is free of cost. This removes the price involved in the utilization of fuel. Solar energy is one among the best unconventional resources of renewable energy, with less procedure costs and the smallest amount of maintenance required. The important products of the solar PV market are inclusive of off-grid and grid-linked PV systems.

The solar technologies of PV consist of crystalline silicon PV, thin film PV and other kinds that include organic solar PV, concentrated photo voltaic (CPV) and so on. Clients comprise business, housing and utility sections. CPV technology makes use of optics, like lenses or curved mirrors to gather huge quantities of sunlight on a tiny region of solar PV cells, so that electricity can be produced. CPV systems provide many benefits.

As only a minor region of the photovoltaic substance is needed, CPV capitalizes from the price of solar cells. However, in order to lead sunlight into the tiny photovoltaic region, CPV systems should invest more on concentrating optics, solar trackers and cooling systems. Nonetheless, constant research and developments in the solar PV market are attempting towards enhancing CPV technology and lessening its costs.

Application Overview

Utility scale application was the biggest sector of the solar PV market in 2012 and made up for more than 45 percent of the worldwide set-up capacity. This sector will also expand most rapidly due to the increasing requirement for power, together with cutthroat prices provided by the components of solar PV. This is for the production of power. The use of solar PV for non-residential purposes will expand considerably in the future. The principal sunbelt nations would seem to make the most of the solar energy. This sector of the solar PV market is likely to rise from 2013 to 2020, at a CAGR of more than 20 percent.

Regional Overview

Europe accounted for the biggest set-up market of solar PV in 2012, largely owing to set-ups in Spain, Germany, Italy and France. The entire set-up capacity of Europe went above 70 GW till 2012. China is estimated to develop most rapidly in the coming six years and will rise from 2013 to 2020, at a CAGR of more than 35 percent. Authoritarian backing to the nation, besides the low cost of unprocessed materials will expand the solar PV market further.

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