Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Market Share To 2020: London researcher uses tissue engineering to stipulate cure for osteoarthritis

An Indian-origin researcher Tina Chowdhury and her team at the Queen Mary University of London, have reportedly developed a new "microcapsule" treatment delivery that can reduce inflammation in cartilage affected by osteoarthritis and reverse damage to tissue.

If this method can be transferred to patients, it could drastically slow the progression of osteoarthritis and even begin to repair damaged tissue.

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It all begins with a protein molecule called C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) which occurs naturally in the body. CNP is known to reduce inflammation and aid in the repair of damaged tissue.

However, CNP cannot be used to treat osteoarthritis in patients because it cannot target the damaged area even when the protein is injected into the cartilage tissue. This is because CNP is quite vulnerable to break down before reaching the damaged target area.

The team used tissue engineering to construct tiny microcapsules with individual layers containing CNP that could release the protein slowly and deliver the treatment in the most effective way.

In experiments on samples of cartilage taken from animals, they showed that the microcapsules could deliver the anti-inflammatory CNP in a highly effective way.

CNP is currently available to treat other conditions such as skeletal diseases and cardiovascular repair.

Tina has reportedly stated than if it is made possible to design simple injections using the microcapsules that would mean the technology has the potential to be an effective and relatively cheap treatment that could be delivered in the clinic or at home.

The research was funded by Arthritis Research UK and the AO Foundation.

Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Market Share

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