Users Furious as Facebook Experiments by Using User Data Without Consent

Recently, it has been known that Facebook allowed academic researchers to carry out a sociological experiment on its users. The problem is that the 1.28 million active users of Facebook were clueless about the fact that someone was experimenting on their user data without their consent. By the way, the research was conducted in 2012 in which researchers had experimented on the news feed of around 700,000 random users. The Facebook news feed feature displays the update of around a fifth of friend's posting on the profile of the user. In the research, the researchers made use of a secret algorithm to check whether it could change the emotional status of its members and make them add negative or positive posts. The research was carried out for a week and it automatically removed those contents from the news feed that included positive or negative words. After successfully carrying out the research, the result was published in the edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in March. As users came to know that their user data was altered without their consent and used as guinea pigs, they became very furious. Even the media accused Facebook for manipulating the emotions of its users. Fans who are now very furious because of the cheeky act conducted by the world's number social networking site will be surprised to know that Facebook has the rights to access your user data. According to the privacy policies of Facebook, the company can access and use the data of its millions of users without their consent. However, users will never come to know whose profile and data have been accessed. Users can pretty much do nothing about it. Since Facebook is a free service, you can really do nothing to hide to your privacy from the company. You have actually given away your privacy in a bid to get in touch again with your old pals and far off relatives. As and when Facebook wants, the company can spy on your data. In order to monetize, Facebook anonymously accesses the data of its millions of users and sells them to advertisers which helps them to modify their ads so that it can reach the relevant audience. Not only Facebook, even other major social sites like Google Plus and Twitter depends on data of its users to monetize their sites. Social sites have huge amount of personal information. However, all the user data are not made available to the advertisers. Recently, Facebook researched on its user data to find out how many people visited Brazil to watch the Fifa 2014 World Cup event. And earlier this year, Facebook yet again user data to find out the best locations in United States to be single. The only way you can stop Facebook from accessing its personal data is to use it less or completely stop using it. It is quite easy to deactivate a profile. In order to delete your profile, you will have to contact Facebook directly.

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