Video Surveillance And VSaaS Market To 2020- Segmented Into Four Categories

Video surveillance means observing activities of people in business or public areas. VSaaS, also referred to as video surveillance-as-a-service refers to storing and administering video recording taken by surveillance cameras. The video surveillance and VSaaS market consists of systems that help check the occurrence of crimes in public areas. These systems are installed in areas susceptible to witnessing crime/s. For Market Research Report on “Video Surveillance And VSaaS Market” Visit – The systems help investigate crime scenes and nab criminals by keeping an eye on the activities of people in and around the concerned area. Increased criminal activities and cases of terrorism and growing consciousness regarding the safety of people propel the video surveillance and VSaaS market ahead. The market is segmented into four categories. These categories comprise consumer applications, systems, components and geographical regions. With increased acceptance of the video surveillance and VSaaS market, there is growing need for storage devices. Conversely, with video surveillance systems (producing superior videos) being introduced in the market, the need for storage becomes understandable. This has led to increase in the video surveillance and VSaaS market. Video recordings taken by surveillance cameras can now be stored and recovered at any point in time. The market is predicted to generate revenue worth USD 43 billion by the end of the projected period. The period lasts from 2013 to 2019 and experiences about 19 percent CAGR. Growing implementation of high-tech surveillance systems by the government drives the market forward. Boost in costs of upholding modern surveillance systems also propels the video surveillance and VSaaS market. Mounting benefits of these systems as against traditional security systems also drive the market. User friendliness and increased storage capability of modern safety systems promote the market. The price of IP cameras and need for more bandwidth to transport real time data in high definition are the prominent hindrances to the video surveillance and VSaaS market. Video Surveillance And VSaaS Market Source: Grand View Research

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