Windows 9 Preview Expected to Arrive Later This Year

In the month of May, the preview edition of Windows 9 will arrive in the coming year. However, the buzz is that the Windows 9 preview version may arrive within this year. Microsoft is currently working on the new OS which is codenamed as 'Threshold'.

Windows 9 will replace Windows 8 and is mainly targeted towards those users who are still using Windows 7 OS. According to ZDNet, Threshold which is currently under wraps may arrive in its beta version in few months. Windows 9 is expected to arrive in the forthcoming spring. However, before the final version is released in the market, the software giant will have to roll out its preview edition.

Windows 8 has received mixed reaction from the audience. Though there are users who are happy with touch friendly Windows version. However, there are many others who dislike the Metro UI tiles. When Window 8 arrived for the first time, it did not feature the good old Start button. Microsoft had to roll out the Windows 8.1 update to make the OS more user-friendly and then missing features like Start button were also added.

Windows 9 will be a venture which will allow users to provide with features that even Windows 7 user will find user-friendly to adapt with. Rumors indicate that the new OS will function differently depending on the type of hardware. It means that Windows 9 will work in Metro styled mode on touch enabled devices whereas on desktop PCs, it will be available as Desktop mode.

The Windows 9 preview edition is expected to come out this year. However, before it arrives, the last update of Windows 8.1 is expected to arrive first. Experts are of the view that the release of final Windows 8.1 will happen discretely.

Windows 9 is expected to bring the old Start Menu. Rumors have it that Microsoft had planned to bring the Start Menu through the Windows 8.1 update. However, it is said that the comeback of Start Menu has been kept for Windows 9. The new OS is certainly aimed to those users who are accustomed to using Windows with mouse and keyboard.

The Windows 8.1 second update will not be delayed which indicates that Microsoft is putting all its strength to unleash Windows 9. It is certainly very clear that Microsoft is aiming to make the new Windows 9 OS different from Windows 8 as much as possible.

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