Zonal Isolation Market Growth - Size, Share, Trends and Market Forecast to 2022

The zonal isolation market is estimated to rise further. This is on account of wells drilled each year to generate gas and oil from alternative and conventional resources. Zonal isolation is very necessary to check pollution of underground water resources. In gas and oil wells, zonal isolation is utilized to thwart the cross flow of gas, water or oil amidst various structures. Zonal isolation packers are utilized to avoid losses of fluids in multi-level wells. These packers offer various benefits. They improve safety, defend against structural harms, decrease the requirement of expensive reworks and guard the reliability and efficiency of reserves. The various benefits of zonal isolation packers augur well for the zonal isolation market and propel it further. Growing drilling operations around the world are furthering the zonal isolation market. The presence of copious alternative resources offers numerous growth prospects to the market. Zonal isolation is utilized across a wide range of applications, such as unconventional fracturing, open hole fracturing, side track window sealing, cement replacement and protection, etc. Escalating demand for zonal isolation from all the aforementioned application sectors is predicted to steer the zonal isolation market further. Also, rising demand for zonal isolation from offshore and onshore regions is projected to drive sales of the market. Gigantic untapped resources of shale gas have drawn in the attention of different gas and oil organizations to withdraw shale gas. This factor has led to augmented demand for the zonal isolation market. The different geographies of the market include Asia Pacific, rest of the world, Europe and North America.

Information Source: Grand View Research

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